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Important Information Regarding Covid-19

Dear Eden Organics Salon and Spa Clients:

The Covid-19 effect on our country has made its mark on all of us. Our staff has been educated and updated on this situation by our licensed Registered Nurse owner and we wanted to let our clients know that our commitment to a healthy and safe environment at our places of business are paramount. As a Registered Nurse owned business, we have always taken great care to provide a healthy and sanitary environment for our guests and staff members. We want our staff and our guests to have total peace of mind when visiting our establishment. We have fully prepared our staff and our physical locations to adapt to the needs and special attention this situation requires.

Here is what we are doing to make sure that our clients can enjoy our salon and spa services in comfort, safety, and health:


*Our entire staff has completed a safety and sanitation formal education and certification.

*Our staff will all wears masks during all working hours in our salon and spa locations. All clients will also be required to wear a mask during services which allow it as per the Governors mandate in the states in which we operate.

*All staff will follow a strict handwashing and hand sanitizing schedule throughout the entire work day. Our staff will have their temperature checked daily at the beginning of each shift to ensure they are healthy and exhibiting no symptoms of illness.

*All clients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry into our establishment.

*All clients will be serviced in sanitized work areas/treatment rooms in which all items that touch a client will be one time use per person or disinfected with hospital grade and EPA approved safe cleaning products after each service and between each client

*All linens are laundered with sanitizing products.

* We have always maintained regular cleaning and disinfecting of our work spaces and equipment. This includes disinfecting handles, buttons, light switches, door knobs and any other surface guests and staff come in contact with. We use EPA approved and recommended safe and effective cleaning products for this purpose. Cleaning will be done multiple times per day and deep clean will be done on a frequent basis.

*Firm Sick Policy-If you are sick, have come into contact with someone who may be contagious, or need to care for someone who is ill – Please reschedule. In an effort to not spread ANY illness we are asking for your help in this area. Guests who show symptoms of a cold or the flu will not be serviced in our salon and spa facilities until they are feeling better. Similarly, our staff are asked to stay home when they are sick or are showing signs of a cold or the flu. Any staff member who is ill will not be permitted to work. We have always adhered to these policies and will be ever more mindful of them at this particular time. We take great pride in providing the healthiest and most professional services in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: Per state guidelines, we cannot service anyone who has had Covid-19 or has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 until a 14 day quarantine has been completed. 

*Travel policy- If you have traveled out of the country or to a state listed on the suggested quarantine list by our state of operation, you will be asked to wait least 14 days before coming into our salon for a service. We are required by the state to inquire about travel for this reason.  

*To maintain a lower volume of guests in our building, any person not getting a service will not be permitted to sit and wait in our facility. No children will be permitted into our salon and spa locations unless they are receiving a service.

We look forward to seeing you in our Salon and Spa soon!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

The Entire Staff of Eden Organics Salon and Spa

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