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Why Ammonia Free Hair Color?

Ammonia free permanent hair color is not a fad or just a passing trend that will be replaced by the “Next Big Thing.”  Most major brands in the industry either have, or are in the process of developing an ammonia free color line. This is because salon professionals and salon clients have done their research and they know there is a better option. Both clients and salon professionals alike are demanding professional hair color products that are safe, effective, more natural, and non-toxic.

Ammonia is truly one of the worst offenders found in the beauty industry.  Ammonia is put into hair color to blast through the hair cuticle to allow color to deposit. This harsh process damages the hair cuticle and leads to a degradation of the hair structure and integrity.  This leads to hair that ends up being dry, feeling brittle, and in general, very unhealthy looking hair. More importantly is the negative health effects that you, and your hair stylist, are exposing yourself to during the application and processing of hair color containing ammonia.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services:

Effects of Ammonia include irritation to the:

  • Nose

  • Throat

  • Respiratory System

  • Eyes

  • Skin (In higher concentrations, ammonia can cause burns to the skin)


In addition, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ammonia is also considered to be a carcinogen.


With the current technology available, there is no reason that you and your salon professional should expose yourself to these harmful health effects.  That is why Eden Organics Salon & Spa has always been committed to the use of 100% Ammonia Free permanent hair color and hair lightening products. Our exclusive hair color products contain organic and natural botanicals that nurture and protect the hair during the coloring process.


At Eden Organics Salon & Spa, we are committed to providing each client with the results they are looking for and a healthy and unsurpassed professional salon experience. 

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